Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kite Designs for 6th Grade Camp

Every year our 6th grade students have an opportunity to go to 6th grade camp.  This is a 3 day experience.  The students stay in cabins with a teacher chaperon and a high school chaperon. They study math, social studies, science, art, physical education, language arts, etc in an outdoor setting.  Some of the activities they do include (but are not limited to): tree height measurements, stream investigations, animal tracking, nature hikes, tree identification, balloon launch, using a compass, ropes courses, archery, gun safety, kayaking, fishing.

As part of their art, science and math experience the students design a kite in art class.  Upon arrival at camp they have an opportunity to construct their kites and then fly them.  The kites the students make in art class are presented here prior to construction.

To create our kites we need:
Sharpies or water based markers (If you use water base markers then be careful not to get your kite wet.  The water based markers will run.)
Frustrationless Flyer Kites

To create our kites we follow these steps:
1. Create a design on a piece of sketch paper and add color. I like to approve these before I pass out a large kite.  I encourage the students to draw large and fill the kite.  I also remind them that white areas should be a part of their design rather than a background that looks unfinished.
2. I do have extra kites available for the students so they need to remember that when they begin on the actual kite they must do their best to work around mistakes (if they make them).
3. Draw the design on the kite with a pencil.  I remind them to sketch lightly so that if they make a mistake then they can work around it and the marker will cover it up. 
4. The students discover that working large is a challenge and requires extra time and patience. 


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