Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Amusement Park Sculptures


My first graders are learning about 2D art and 3D art.  We discuss what the difference is and see examples of both. 

In order to illustrate how something 2D can become 3D we use colored construction paper strips.  The paper strips are 2D because they are flat, but we can make them into 3D sculptures by manipulating them.  We roll them, fold them, intertwine them, anything we can think of! 

I tell the kids to think of their sculpture as an amusement park.  Make as many loop-d-loops as possible! Think of each strip of paper as a ride. 

This is a one day project.  The students take them home with them when they leave.  I try to send home some extra strips of paper because so many of the students want to keep working. 

These are are projects in progress.

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