Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Reflections-Monoprint

1st Grade is learning about PRINTMAKING by creating a fall scene reflected in water. 

Materials Needed:
Brown Oil Pastels
8 x 12 inch drawing paper
Tempera Paints-red, yellow, orange, green and blue
Bone folder

To create our print we began by folding our paper in half -either way works fine.  Open your paper back up and draw 5 "Y" trees on the center crease.  If you can make the letter Y you can make a tree! Add some extra Ys onto your trees to make some branches.  Now, fold your paper back in half-make sure the trees are inside.  Using the bone folder rub the trees so that they reflect onto the bottom half of the paper.  Sometimes you have to rub them 2 or 3 times. 
Now, you are ready to paint!  Remember you are only painting the top half (where you drew the trees). Start with the leaves.  Paint dabs of red, yellow and orange on the branches and around the branches.  Next, paint the grass and hills.  Finally, paint the sky.  Now fold your paper in half and gently rub to transfer the image to the bottom half.  Open it back up and it will look like a reflection!  Allow to dry and admire :)

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