Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Recycled Art- Flowers for Mother's Day

Made with scrap booking paper.

For Mother's Day this year we are making recycled art flowers.  These are adorable and so easy.  This is a wonderful way to talk about Earth Day and recycling too!

pipe cleaners
hole punch
strips of magazines (glossy paper) about 1/2 inch to 1 inch or strips of scrap booking paper- I use 1 inch by 8 inch strips or longer
(I love National Geographic magazines for this project because the pages are very glossy.)

Here is how to create your beautiful recycled flowers:
1. Take about 5 strips and punch a hole in the middle of each and on the end of each about a 1/2 inch in. You can use more if you want a fuller flower.

 2. Thread the paper into the pipe cleaner starting with the middle hole and then gently folding over the two ends.  Repeat with each strip, layering.

3. Thread the top of the pipe cleaner into a button and back down through the hole punches.

4. Twist the pipe cleaner around itself to keep the paper from sliding down.

5. You are finished.  Make a bunch to give to your mom and show her how much you love her! 

This one is made from recycled magazines. 
Also made from magazines.


  1. Thank you for this! I used this idea with my Special Ed art class; we made flowers and attached them to the front of cards for their moms and then we made an additional flower and attached a pin bak so that their moms can wear them! Love it; it was a big hit and very simple!

  2. So glad you and your students enjoyed it. I'd love to see pictures!